Types of speakers for concerts

When it comes to speakers and sound equipment, there are a myriad of types of speakers, for all kinds of events. But above all, the most important and lately most taken into account have been the types of speakers for concerts.

Importance of knowing the types of speakers for concerts

As in any significant concert or festival, it is of the utmost importance, to be able to count a quality sound system.

Not only to convey the message well and have a pleasant atmosphere, but to offer a good listening to those present.

Therefore, if you want to
rent sound equipment,
first you need to know a little more about the types of speakers for each occasion.

In addition to always having the
band’s Technical Rider
at hand, it is important to know that in concerts and festivals, various types of speakers are used, such as: PA, Monitors, Side Fill, Drum Fill, Front Fill, and sound reinforcements. (Some are the main system and some are reinforcement).

Here's how to describe them:

1. Public address:

The P.A. sound system is the main audio system for all kinds of concerts and festivals.

It is not only used for   the sound of concerts and festivals,but also in all kinds of events: small performances, theaters, weddings, birthdays, etc.

It is commonly located in the corners of the stage, focusing on event attendees. It is generally referred to as the stereo sound system, which is configured or installed as L&R (Left and Right).

These kinds of concert speakers generally have a size of 12 inches for medium/acute frequency speakers, and up to 21 inches for bass frequency speakers.

2. Scenario monitors.

Stage monitors can be considered as another of the most important types of speakers for concerts,because, through stage monitors, musicians and artists can hear the return of the music or song they are playing.

With this type of speaker, musicians not only manage to keep up with the song, but also better tune every note of the song that is sounding.

It is important that the stage monitors are of very good sound quality, so that you can have better definition of each frequency and sound in general, in addition, additional technical adjustments will be avoided.

Self-amplified speakers of 12 to 15 inches are usually used, and are usually placed on the ground, in front of each musician or artist.

3. Side Fill speaker system.

These types of speakers are usually the same floor monitors that are placed in front of each artist.

The only difference is that in this case they are located on the sides of the stage. It is widely used in large scenarios to complement the sound within it.

They are usually 12- and 15-inch speakers for mid- and high-pitched frequencies. And also sometimes “parked” sound systems are placed (Subwoofer down + satellite monitor above).

4. Drum Fill Sound System

This kind of speaker also belongs to the kind of speakers used for musicians’ monitors.

The united difference is that this type of sound system is mainly used for listening to the band’s drummer.

It is usually a sound system very similar to side fills, unlike instead of being located on the sides of the stage, the drum fill is located behind the drummer.

The reason that this type of concert loudspeaker wears a subwoofer + satellite monitor, is so that the drummer can better listen to all the bass frequencies, such as: The sound of the bass and bass.

5. Front Fill Sound System

Fulfilling a very similar function and in conjunction with the P.A. sound system this kind of speakers are aimed at the audience.

And they are usually located in front of the stage but instead of raised to many meters high, it is placed at the same level as the head of those present.

The volume of such concert speakers is adjusted to a moderate level only for listening to listeners closest to the center of the stage.

They are usually speakers from 10 to 15 inches and the case design is intended to be used with this function.

6. Sound reinforcement system

Also fulfilling the function of P.A. sound system this type of speakers for concerts are aimed at the audience, but unlike the main sound equipment these do not go in front of the stage, but at a certain distance from it.

The separation distance from the sound reinforcement system to the stage is defined by the amount of space in which the event takes place and the number of attendees, as well as the sound power of the reinforcement system.

This kind   of Sound equipment   is also called delay towers or sound reinforcement towers.

Most commonly used speaker types

In general, it can be defined that the sound equipment and speakers most used in the sound of concerts, festivalsand event of all kinds, are the P.A sound system and monitors since they are first hand, the most essential.

There are a wide variety of professional speaker brands, but among the best brands of professional sound equipment

are: RCF Audio, Yamaha, JLB, D&B, Meyer Sound and Nexo.