Types of video projectors and their features

If you already know it’s a video projector

, it is time to know that there are a wide variety of ways to classify the types of video projectors, among some of the main classes are: Types of projectors according to their use, types of projectors according to their power, and on which we will then focus, types of projectors according to projection technology.

There are mainly 3 types of projectors:

It all depends on the type of use that will be given to the projector, since this way you can choose the projector according to the type of lamp, that is, depending on the type of projection technology.

All types of video projectors are differentiated by their main features: Both in quality, size, prices, maintenance, advantages and disadvantages.

Below we will describe each of them..

1. Projectors with DLP technology

Digital Light Processing (DLP) projectors use light reflected in tiny mirrors that reflect light or not. For color, a series of red, green and blue filters move very fast in such a way that for the human eye the feeling is that a color image is being projected.

This type of video projectors are compact, offer good sharpness and have good contrast, but also cause some chromatic aberration in the image and makes the color accuracy not as good as that of other kinds of video projectors. For example, LCD and LED projectors.

In addition, to generate gray, the mirror has to rotate in half the time, while in an LCD projector you only need to change the voltage.

As a main advantage, it should be noted that DLP projectors are cheaper than LCD projectors and LED projectors.

Generally, they are used for home theater and small presentations.

Projector Types - Projector Classes
What is a video projector and types of video projectors

2. Projectors with LCD technology

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) projectors work just like panels used by TVs and mobiles, the light is divided into colors as you pass through a liquid crystal panel, letting a certain amount of light pass through the filter and thus project the image.

The colors with this system are more realistic and better, with excellent brightness.

There is also technology used by other manufacturers   (called D-ILA, LCoS or SXRD) that mix the advantages of the PDL and LCD system, where a panel reflects light rather than letting it pass through a liquid crystal panel such as LCD, having the advantages of DLP and LCD. 

It should be noted   that these LCD   projectors are more carlos than DLP   projectors.

They are   usually video projectors for education, classrooms, and small conference rooms.

4K Laser Projectors
Types of projectors

3. Projectors with LED technology

LED (Light Emitting Diode) projectors operate through light emission via an LED, which is nothing more than a light-emitting diode. LEDs are solid-state devices that convert electrical power directly into single-color light.

What can make LED projectors considered one of the types of video projectors preferred by computer users is the long useful life they can have, up to more than 20,000 hours, and also the negligible cost of maintenance.

And finally, too, it should be noted that another advantage of LED projectors, is its low power consumption and the improvement of its colors in the projection of the image.


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