JBL Eon 615 Speaker Pack (1000W RMS)

JBL Eon 615 Speaker Pack (1000W RMS)


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If you’re looking for speaker rental for parties and business meetings, you’ve come to the right place. With this lightweight and powerful JBL Eon 615 Speaker Pack you can sound your parties or events,both in closed and open event spaces. Ideal for small and medium events. Up to a maximum of 120 to 150 people.

This compact pack of speakers for parties and business meetings includes a mixer where you can connect music from your mobile, tablet, computer or DJ table. Thanks to its excellent aesthetics, power and sound quality, it is the ideal sound equipment for conferences, corporate meetings, simple parties and business meetings.

The JBL Speaker Pack is a sound system with very good sound response at both bass and high frequencies. It has a total power of 1000W RMS and also Includes the basic brackets and wiring needed to connect all the sound equipment easily and quickly.

Unlike the JBL Eon 610Speaker Pack, the JBL EON 615 system can serve you for open spaces and events with more guests, as the JBL EON 615 Speaker Pack provides greater reinforcement in bass frequencies.

Contact us and request your quote without obligation,we will gladly assist you so that you can book the rental of the JBL EON 615 Speaker Pack. We have the best prices for sound rental in Barcelona and nearby.




  • Size: 12 Inches (Each speaker).
  • Power: 500W RMS (Each speaker). 1000W RMS (Total of both speakers).
  • Connections: 2 XLR Mono, 2 Jack Stereo and USB (All via the mixer).
  • The rental includes: Necessary wiring, speaker stands, mixer and hand-held micro with cable.

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