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Streaming for conferences

Corporate events, congresses and private events

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Streaming for events of all kinds

At Xso Audiovisuals,we carry out audiovisual projects tailored to each client, adapting to their technical needs. Therefore, we can also offer the Streaming service for events of all kinds.

We have the best technical staff and professional audiovisual equipment for streaming your event.

We can stream on different streaming platforms: Facebook Live, Youtube Live, Instagram or private URLs.

JVC Camera for Event Streaming

We stream for all kinds of events

Streaming for concerts

Stream your concert live from one or more angles. We have the professional equipment and technical staff for the realization and streaming of your concert.

Streaming for conferences

Integration with different Streaming platforms to stream your video conference for either your business or everyone.

Streaming for weddings

Don’t let your family and friends stay on the outside. Share that special moment with our Wedding Streaming service.

What is Streaming and how does it work?

A streaming service allows you to stream your event in real time from the same place where it’s happening.

Streaming your event live can be done from one or more Streaming platforms such as:

  • Youtube Live
  • Facebook Live
  • Instagram Live
  • LinkedIn Live
  • Periscope
  • Twitch
  • Twitter
  • Among others.

Hiring a Streaming service for your events will be the best solution to reach even more audiences without the need for a much larger space.

At Xso Audiovisuals we offer you our audiovisual services and streaming rental for events   of all kinds. We just need a stable internet connection and we can stream your event wherever you want. 

Streaming for events

Now that you know what Streaming is and how it works,you should know that we work with experienced and qualified audiovisual technical staff to know how to stream professionally in all kinds of events and meetings.

We have the necessary equipment to stream professionally in small and large format, using professional video cameras, mixersand lighting for corporate or festive video. Live streaming or streaming for events and meetings.

We put at your disposal the best streaming service in Barcelona capital. Performing the streaming rental in Barcelona,it has   never been easier. Contact us and request your quote without obligation.

To ensure the success and quality of your event, at Xso Audiovisuals, we work with the best brands in audiovisual equipment for events, such as: JVC, Canon, Zhiyun, Arri, Epson, Celexon, Roland, RCF Audio, Midas, Shure, Rode,among others.

In addition to the Streaming service for events,we can also perform the sound and lighting of your events. We work with experienced professional sound technicians, so we can sound your event to the exact size in a personalized way.

As for audiovisual services, we also have audiovisual equipment that you can add to the production of your event, such as: UHD 4k TVs, Laser Projectors, LED screens, video mixers,HDMI splitter, among other equipment.

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