Epson projectors with Wifi

So as is, projectors

  Epson with Wifi, through an Wireless USB device. What’s new in 2019. Unsurprisingly, Epson, one of the leading brands in the audiovisual equipment market, never lads behind. This time, he has released his new series of wifi projectors with wireless usb. 

Cheap Wifi projectors, useful for both homes and offices, as well as for the professional sector, at events and festivals.

For many years now there have been many equipment and technologies that work wirelessly. 

Proyector Epson EBs31, Proyector Epson 3200 Lumens

In both the home and professional sectors, some new audiovisual equipment had   already been seen,

such as:   Portable battery speakers,

with Bluetooth connection. 

And also battery-operated LED lights or spotlights, handled by wifi, even from simple mobile phone apps.

But, nothing had yet been known about handling or playing videos wirelessly, at least for the ordinary consumer sector. Like, for example, private individuals. 

Today, getting closer and within reach of facilities, Epson introduces new usb devices that can be connected to both mid-low-range and high-mid-range projectors.

Among the main features and advantages that these USB devices have, it is their easy connection, and commissioning. 

Simply connect the USB device to the epson projector (which has this function). Configure the projector to work with USB. Download the app I Project Epson,on mobile. And that’s it!

Already after you have followed these simple steps, you will be able through the application to send content to the projector to be displayed by projecting it.

As a disadvantage, it must be recognized that this device on many models does not come integrated. So you have to buy it apart.

In case of making the purchase or   rental of Epson projectors,

do not forget, which is this can be a very useful tool when showing your photos, videos or presentations in Power Point.

Nowadays, with how easy it is to install such equipment, there is no need for the help of a specialized technical staff. 

And besides, on several occasions the rental of projection screens

  it can also be very useful. Especially if the projection you’re going to do is an occasional thing or an activity that’s out of the ordinary.

Finally, and also very important, if you are also looking to save some money, and improve the comfort when performing your event, or presentation. With epson projectors with wifi, you can do so, as you won’t have to carry a computer and HDMI or VGA cable with you. And you won’t have to be near it to pass the slides or choose another presentation.