Epson projector of 3500 Lumens

Epson projector of 3500 Lumens


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Epson 3500 Lumens Projector Rental,ideal for professional presentations,corporate events, simple presentations in both birthdays and weddings, conferences, congresses, small graduation parties, surprise videos and more. Easy to transport and install.

By renting the Epson projector of 3500 Lumens, you can easily display images and videos via HDMI or VGA connection to your computer. Without a doubt, it is a projector for events, easy to connect and put to work in just minutes.

In addition, this practical Projector for events, has the function of Quick Corner,ideal to adjust the size of the image and adjust the projection corners exactly with the size of the screen.

Contact us and request your quote without obligation,we will gladly assist you so that you can book it as soon as possible. We have the best prices in audiovisual services for events, and qualified technical staff for the projection of events of all kinds.

We work with the best brands for projector rental in Barcelona: Epson, Panasonic and Celexon, among many others.



  • Easy to install and transport.
  • Luminosity: 3500 Lumens.
  • Tickets: HDMI, VGA, RCA Component.
  • Departures: VGA and Audio by mini jack.
  • Included: Video cables, MacBook adapters and remote control.
  • Ideal: For small and simple presentations. Weddings, birthdays, surprise videos.
  • Recommendation: Use in places with low external light.

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