Material needed for a concert

Organizing a festive event correctly can be an easy task, as long as you have the necessary material for a concert, festival or festive event.

The material needed to organize a concert is usually: Speakers, mixers, microphones, stage platform, structures, lights and lighting equipment, in addition to the Backline and, of course,   the event room.

Although there are also other types of materials that we will describe below, audiovisual materials and equipment that can be very useful when making important presentations.

Material needed for a concert

1. High resolution and large size LED displays:

Performing the rental of LED screens, adds great value to the moment of the organization of concerts, since it is possible to highlight even more the logos of the companies and organization of the event, in addition to the visual use that will give the audiovisual technicians of the artists and the audiovisual services company.

Sometimes Audiovisual services for concerts,also include making the assembly of LED screens for the visual reinforcement of the concert, not only with attractive loops, figures and effects but also to live and directly transmit what is happening on stage so that those in the back can better see the concert.

2. High Power Laser Projectors:

Using Lumens large laser projectors can allow you to project large format images, and scales of giant projection screens, together with the same purpose of LED screens: to show videos, effects and the concert live.

As an initial advantage of projectors over LED displays, it is that with the latter you can make video mappings, in buildings and irregular structures. And besides, they are much cheaper to rent laser projectorsthan high-resolution LED displays.

As a disadvantage, event projectors, no matter how much Lumens power they have, cannot be used in broad daylight, instead LED screens if they can be used outdoors even in full sun.

Professional pallet rental 6m x 4m

3. Stage pallets

Having a platform of the right height and size for the concert is of great importance when presenting the artists.

Not only to facilitate the visibility of them for the audience and guests present but also to define in a more concrete way the space of the presentations of the groups or artists.

It is of great importance that the size of the stage is in line with the size of the group, instruments and material for the concert to be given on stage.

Likewise, it is also possible to take into account when
renting pallets and stages for concerts
the height of it. They are usually used from 0.60m onwards, depending on the number of audiences and how close you want the artists of the public and guests present.

Rental electric generator concert

4. Electric generators soundproof and walkie talkies:

Last but not least, having excellent and powerful electric generators soundproofed to provide electrical power to the sound equipment for the concert, is also another of great importance.

It should be noted that when it comes to events, it is always
better to rent soundproof electric generators,
and much better if they are inverter electric generators, as these are specially designed to work with electronic equipment and maintain a stable voltage level without current spikes.

Likewise, as we must count an electric generator that safely provides the electrical energy for the sound equipment and electronic equipment of the concert, it is also not necessary to let go of being able to have good communication between the organizers and all the logistics staff of the event.

To achieve total and effective communication at a concert, it is widely recommended
to rent walkie talkies or portable radios,
which can be very easy to use when requiring to transmit a message to several people simultaneously and quickly.