How to calculate projection size and distance?

There are two easy ways to calculate the projection distance and screen size for a specific projector. If you are dedicated to the world of
audiovisual services for events, or you
want to install your own projector you must know them.

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1. Calculate the projection distance manually.

If you’re one of those who likes math or just don’t know yet which projector you’re going to use, then this option is for you.

– If you know the width of the screen and the distance to the projector:

Then it is very easy, you must divide the projection distance by the width of the screen, and you will have the result of the relationship or projection factor of the projector that you must use.

For example: “A screen 200cm wide, and we want to place the projector about 300cm away”. Then it is calculated: 300cm / 200cm x 1.5

That is, the ratio or projection factor of the projector to choose must be 1.5

– If you already know the relationship or projection factor:

Then you can already know that by the relationship number you will be able to make a screen of a certain width, with a certain distance.

For example: “A projector with a projection ratio of 1.5 means that for every 150 cm distance, a screen 100cm wide can be projected.

That is, in order to project on a screen 200cm wide, that same projector must be located 300cm away.

It should be noted that there are fixed lens projectors that have only a fixed relationship, but there are also projectors with variable ratio, in which, even having a fixed lens, they are projectors that have the Zoom function.

Zoom projectors allow you to have variable projection factors, such as: The Epson EBx39 projector. With a projection factor 1.48 – 1.77:1

That is, this projector allows to project an image of 1 meter wide, both at a minimum distance of 1.48 meters, as well as at a maximum distance of 1.77m.

2. Calculate the projection distance online.

On the other hand, dayday technology makes it even easier for you, because on the internet you can get many pages that already offer for free to calculate the projection distance and size of projection screens.

As an initial option we recommend the official website of Epson projectors, as it has an online calculator for projectors.

The only drawback is that to be able to use it you must already know the projector that you are going to use. So you must choose in advance
the type of projector
to use and from there calculate the projection distance and screen size.

Calculate projection distance

How to choose the projection distance for events?

Initially to   choose the right projector for your event,

you must start from the first method, calculate the projection distance manually, but if you find it very complicated, it is best to contact companies specialized in renting projectors for events.

Without a doubt, it is always better to work professionally and safely. It’s better to make a safe investment that you know will work, rather than have uncertainty and lose some of the money invested.