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Whatever religion it is, from the first moment it is founded or constitutes a temple, it is very important to be able to have good   sound equipment for churches,

and also to have in the church lights   and quality lighting equipment.

Although often not taken into account, adequately having the lights for churches,is of vital importance to maintain a good state of encouragement during the celebrations and events that take place within it.

Lighting for churches they play a very important role in the setting and decoration of them. With the right lights you can decide if you want to represent a warm or cold theme, or make them just another element.

Here are the top 3 types of church lights not to be missed at your church, temple, event, or religious event room:

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1. RGBW LED spotlights for the altar or stage:

Even if it is day, afternoon or night, having RGBW LED spotlights is always of great benefit, since this type of lighting for churches can be used to give different shades on the altar or stage where the ceremony or religious act is performed.

The important thing really with this type of lighting is that you can regulate the intensity of them, because this way you can have the perfect attenuation, both at the time of the entrance of the guests, and then during the event or celebration.

Usually this type of lighting is usually mounted on the truss (Structure) that are fastened on the ceiling, and the spotlights are located from above illuminating cenitally, downwards.

It is recommended that the LED spotlights have ArtNet or DMX wired or wireless, so that they can be easily controlled from a lighting table by DMX or ArtNet when installing this type of lights.

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2. Mobile heads for concerts in Christian churches:

When it comes to evangelical churches or also known as Christian churches, there are many celebrations that warrant lights for churches with enough movement and out-of-the-ordinary effects, for this, it is always good to have moving heads.

Mobile heads, alsoknown as moving lights or robotic lights,are nothing more than mobile LED spotlights,which can be controlled from a lighting table by DMX or ArtNet to give different special effects to the stage.

The types of effects that can give this type of lights for churches can be very varied, depending on how good the lighting technician is and the types of moving heads that are used or that are installed among the lighting equipment of the church.

3. LED bars for color bathing church walls:

This type of lighting for churches, is usually used by all kinds of churches, in churches with very good budget led bars are usually installed at the entrance of the church and on the altar of the church.

LED bars and LED strips are usually used as lights to set a particular space or site. That is, they are part of the decoration of the space.

It is the most common type of church lighting used by all religions and churches. Both in light montages for large or small churches.

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Best DMX Lighting and Lights brands for churches:

When purchasing church lights, you should always consider something very important: That they are quality lighting equipment.

For this reason, we recommend mainly the following brands of lighting equipment and professional lights: Clay Paky, Martin Lighting, Cameo and Chauvet.