Main lighting equipment for concerts

From the first moment of the organization of events, whether outdoors or in enclosed spaces one of the main elements that should not be missing, are the lights, and even more so if they are large festive events, such as concerts. Next we will share with you the lighting equipment that should not be missing in your concerts.

Professional LED spotlights

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No matter how big or small your concert is, you must have
Professional LED Spotlights,
to give above all clarity to the stage. And even more so that excellent change of high quality colors that LED spotlights can provide.

Unlike old halogen bulbs, with LED spotlights you can have a wide variety of colors in the same spotlight. In the old day you could only have 1 color per focus, and to select the color you had to place a jelly for spotlights in front of it to result in the desired color.

In addition to LED spotlights, you can have much less power consumption and more power than old lighting equipment at concerts, festivals and larger parties.

They can be classified as professial LED lights to those LED bulbs that have more than 200W of power, and which are Triled Spotlights (i.e. RGBW) or better yet, RGBW-AUV. Ideal lighting equipment in small and large concerts.

Strobe Lights

Concert Strobe Lights (1)

The strobe lights or strobe lighting, is ideal for strong moments and great movement of the concert. In the most exciting and moving parts of each song. The strobe effect is what is generally also known as Flash.

When it comes to professional strobe bulbs or lights, those with a power of 1500W or more can be considered. And that by their position, they can be controlled with DMX or Art Net from the professional lighting table.

Blinding Lights

Lighting equipment at concerts

Blinding lights are that kind of lighting equipment in concerts, which serves for exact moments. The completion of a song, moment of palms, all with hands up, etc.

This type of Concert Lighting is generally used to illuminate the audience present. And they also have DMX connection to be controlled from the lighting table.

In the past and until recently blinding lights with halogeno spotlights were used, but now many
companies of sound and lighting concerts,
have started to use LED blinders that are more professional.

Spot, Wash and Beam Moving Heads

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When it comes
to professional lighting
in concerts, mobile heads certainly can’t be missed. For many years now, the most used are Spot and Wash mobile heads, which you can get at a much cheaper price than Beam mobile heads, which are the most used today.

The difference between them is mainly based on the type of lighting effect they perform. Beam and Spot moving heads can be easily recognized because they emit gun-shaped light and many have “Gobos” figures that serve to further enhance effects in concerts and performances of all kinds.

On the other hand, Wash mobile heads, have the main function of color bathing scenarios. They’re basically like mobile LED bulbs. In more advanced versions they have the zoom option to open or close the angle and amplitude of illumination to a specific point.