Wireless Microphone Frequencies in Spain

If you are one of those who thought that choosing a good microphone for   your events,it could be a bit of a complicated task, then you can already imagine the task of choosing the Wireless Microphone Frequencies properly in Spain.. Boom!!

But don’t worry, at Xso Audiovisuals, after doing an exhaustive internet search we have found very interesting things, which together with our experience in the best professional microphone brands,   can surely be of great help to you too.

Wireless Microphone Frequencies in Spain

As shared by Thomann,a giant online salesman of equipment for shows, recording studios and installations. They are established in Spain that the correct frequencies for the use of microphones are set in the range of 863 – 865 MHz.

And so we share as established and clearly mark it by   Order IET/787/2013 of 25April, forwhich the national frequency allocation table isapproved.

A – 118 (UHF Wireless Microphones) 
In   sec. Ⅲ. Page 35262

“The 863-865 MHz frequency band may be used by wireless microphones and other audio transmission applications (e.g. wireless headphones and portable music devices) in preferably non-professional or indoor home applications”

“Narrowband analog voice applications (≤ 50 kHz) should be restricted to the 864.8 – 865 MHz band.”

UN -119 (Wireless Microphones for Professional Applications) 
Sec. Ⅲ. Page 35263

“The 1785-1800 MHz band is intended for wireless microphone uses in professional applications within enclosed enclosures. In accordance with the Recommendation of CEPT ERC/REC 70-03, Annex 10, the maximum authorized power is 20 mW (e.g. i.r.p.) and up to 50 mW (e.i.r.e.) for devices intended for use next to the body.”

A – 36 (Digital Television)
Sec. Ⅲ. Page 35228

“Other low-power uses, also with the consideration of common use, CEPT Recommendation 70-03, for the implementation of broadcasting programmes and special events, auxiliary broadcasting applications, wireless microphones for professional applications such as shows, sporting events and in general for the real-time transmission of audiovisual information, are allowed in the frequency range 470 to 786 MHz, as a secondary, without the right to protection , and its use is conditioned on not causing harmful interference to the television service or other services authorized in this band, in which case they must cease their broadcasts immediately.”


In conclusion: Frequencies for wireless microphones in Spain:

Wireless microphane frequencies within enclosed enclosures:
It is supported to work with wireless systems the 1’8GHz band, which many manufacturers are starting to implement on their systems.

As for example, in Sennheiser EW 100 1G8 wireless microphones: Works in 1785-1800 MHZ, band assigned to microphone, under UN-119 standard. All references are usable.

Outdoor Wireless Microphone Frequencies, thefrequency range from 470 to 786 is allowed, provided that we do not interfere with the DDT. No license is required to work in that range with wireless microphones.

For example, in Shure QLXD H8Ewireless microphones : They work at 534 – 598 MHz, band assigned to microphony under UN-36.

What we recommend:

At Xso Audiovisuals,as a company dedicated to the world of shows   and rental of sound equipment for concerts, with more than 10 years of experience in   renting microphones for events,

we recommend:

Better to choose UHF microphones than VHF, as there is less probability of interference due to the higher frequency spectrum available.

– And if you choose a   UHF system that is digital: Such as the Shure QLXD H83 wireless system, which can change frequency automatically if interference or intermodulation occurs. 

– Works best in low frequencies: When it comes to working comfortably and safely, it is better to do so on frequencies that are less busy, if what you have is little budget and you do not want to spend so much on wireless voice microphones, a good option can be the Shure BLX24R/Beta58 H8E wireless microphones, as they work within the frequencies for wireless microphones for Spain, the frequencies 518 – 542 MHz.

Wireless microphones operating in Spain

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