The best portable sound equipment for events

Do you want to buy or rent the best portable sound equipment for events? You’ve come to the right place! At Xso Audiovisuals,as a party speaker rental company, we recommend 100% portable sound equipment: LD System Road Buddy 10.

Here are all the great advantages of having these great types of self-amplified speakers at your party or event:

Powerful Sound Equipment, 100% Recommended!

Portable Sound Equipment Rental Portable Battery Battery Speaker for Events - LD System Road Buddy
Rental Laptop to Battery LD System Road Buddy 10
Rental Laptop to Battery LD System Road Buddy 10

Unlike other much larger portable sound equipment, this amazing LD System portable speaker has excellent power of 240W RMS (i.e. real watts). Enough to sound a small party up to 50 with a single speaker.

Although not among the   best brands of professional speakers for events,

it is a fairly compact stereo, ideal for home parties with family and friends.

Even with 2 self-amplified LD System speakers, small performances of musical duets can be sounded at small parties, so it is can be considered a powerful sound system for simple parties between friends.

Sound equipment for home parties

They are Bluetooth speakers, ideal for home parties

These amazing speakers also feature Bluetooth, to connectand send music from a mobile, tablet or computer easily without the need for so many cables.

And likewise, these powerful sound equipment, have extra audio inputs to improve the comfort and options of users when connecting multiple devices:

  • 1 USB port and an SD card slot.
  • 2 combo connectors for microphone or line level.
  • 1 RCA Stereo input and a 3.5 mm auxiliary.
Simply put, it is an excellent active speaker very compact and multifunctional for events of all kinds, both in a space for closed events and open spaces.
Speakers for karaoke at home

These microphone speakers also operate on battery

If you still didn’t think it was great, LD System has gone a level higher than other brands, because, these powerful party speakersalso include a wireless microphone ideal for animating children’s parties to give a small talk a lecture.

Because it is also a battery-ratedspeaker, it is the preferred choice for outdoor event organizers. These practical portable sound equipments are considered by many, as the best speakers for weddings,because they can be transported and mounted very easily and quickly for ceremonies, where there are usually no power outlets nearby.

Would you like to rent this portable sound equipment?

From Xso Audiovisuals,as a sound and lighting company of events,we definitely recommend the LD System portable battery speaker, for your parties and celebrations. Both for small format meetings, such as your living room, as well as on the terrace along with friends and family.

If you want to know more about renting powerful sound equipment for your events and parties, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be attentive.

Below we share with you a video tutorial where you can see how it works and how to connect the portable speaker to battery LD System Road Buddy 10.

Other battery-fully portable speaker options?

If you’ve come this far, it has to be for something, and as we know you like to investigate thoroughly, we leave below a list of portable battery speakers with excellent power, quality and price.