The best Wireless HDMI Transmitter for TV and projectors

If you want to buy the best Wireless HDMI transmitter for your TV, projector or PS4,you are in the right place. After several tests performed on different equipment and wireless HDMI systems we have found an excellent option with very good value for money.

At Xso Audiovisuals,as a rental company for audiovisual   equipment,

we always seek to adapt to the needs of each of our customers, and we came across a space that had the need for wireless HDMI transmitters.

We tested with different HDMI equipment with WIFI or Bluetooth, and finally found the Wireless HDMI transmitter with excellent value for money.

PW-DT212W 2x2: The ideal Wireless HDMI Transmitter!

Although we always recommend buying equipment from recognized brands, this has been a case that has surprised us pleasantly, since, this excellent HDMI WIFi transmitter is not of any audiovisual brand recognized as for example: Epson

, Optoma

or Panasonic.

However, this spectacular PW-DT212W 2×2 Wireless HDMI transmitter, works very stablely, is very practical and easy to use. Ideal for wireless HDMI connection for a laptop, TV, projector or PS4.

WIFI Wireless HDMI Transmitter

1. It is a WIFI transmitter very easy to connect

Day by day the technology is advancing fiercely and one of the best advances has been the Plug and Play teams in which you basically have almost nothing to configure them.

The PW-DT212W Wireless HDMI Transmitter consists of an Integrated Wi-Fi Receiver and Emitter, so you don’t need to connect them to any wireless network. On both the Transmitter and Receiver there is a display to select the frequency channel on which the video signal supplied by the HDMI ports will be transmitted.

Once both equipment is placed on the same channel, just wait 2 seconds for them to sync and start to see the video signal connected by HDMI. It’s so easy!

The WIFI HDMI transmitter must be connected to the computer from which you want to send the video signal, such as: A computer, BlueRay or video game console.

And the Wifi HDMI receiver must be connected to the equipment that will receive the video signal, such as: A projector, TV or video recorder.

2. It's a WIFI transmitter with wide distance

One of the main decisions by which it is decided to buy Wireless HDMI Transmitters is usually because of the distance between the audiovisual equipment to be connected and to avoid a complex installation with lots of meters of cables, it is better to opt for HDMI Wireless Extenders.

This convenient and stable HDMI Wireless PW-DT212W transmitter can transmit the video signal up to 50m away without having any signal drop and without increasing the default delay that such systems entail, which is less than 0.5 seconds.

3. HDMI Wireless with Full HD Resolution

Although this amazing WIFI HDMI transmitter can not transmit the video signal with 4K resolution so it can transmit in Full HD which is quite acceptable for certain applications.

4. HDMI Wifi with connection for 2 devices

In addition, with the HDMI Wifi PW-DT212W transmitter you can connect 1 single emitter and send the signal simultaneously up to 2 receivers, so you can place 2 TVs or 2 projectors that receive the same signal wirelessly from 1 same computer.

5. It is an HDMI Transmitter with 2.4G and 5.8G Bands

To be able to perform a reliable transmission, the PW-DT212W transmitter can be configured to send the signal over the 2.4G wifi band or 5G wifi band, depending on which one is freer depending on the location and other nearby devices.

Other HDMI transmitter options

As you well know, when it comes to audiovisual material, we are constantly testing with different equipment. That’s why we leave you here other HDMI transmitter options for TV, PS4, Xbox, Mobile or Tablet.