The best brands of professional sound equipment

From Xso Audiovisuals, we know the importance of choosing sound equipment properly, so we share with you some of the best brands in professional sound equipment for events: Speakers, microphones and mixers.

It should be noted that many of the brands mentioned here may not be considered professionals by certain industry experts and others may be.

It is also worth mentioning, that not all professional brands may be mentioned below, but many of them, at least the best known ones:

Professional speaker brands

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If you are planning to buy
or rent sound equipment
for your company or event, you should not set aside the following brands, both active and passive professional speakers, ideal for events of all kinds: Concerts, festivals, weddings and corporate events.

Now that you know the best brands of professional speakers,we also share with you some of the best sound equipment used experts in sound systems and that you can buy on Amazon, at a very good price.

Professional microphone brands

Micrófonos para conciertos

If in addition to having the speakers for your company or event, you also want to contemplate having professional microphones, here is a small list of some of the best brands of professional microphones:

Where can you buy professional microphones from the best brands? While you’d ideally buy it from a specialty store, you also have the option to buy it from Amazon. We share with you some professional microphones of the best brands.

Brands of professional mixing tables

Sonorization of events

Of course, and on the vast majority of professional speakers, to be able to connect a microphone you need a mixer to equalize and make the necessary adjustments, especially if it is loudness of groupings and live bands.

It is here that you must contemplate within the best brands of professional sound equipment, the brands of the most used mixing tables for events, such as: concerts, festivals, conferences, weddings and live performances:

Of course, since you know the best brands of professional sound mixers, we couldn’t say goodbye without recommending some of the models most used by sound specialists.

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