3 Top sound equipment for concerts

From the beginning of the organization of the event, we have to think about all the important factors that will achieve the success of the event and one of the main aspects to consider must be the importance of sound equipment.

Although there is a lot of material necessary for the performance of all kinds of shows, this time we will share only the 3 main sound equipment for concerts of any format.

Top Concert Lighting Teams

But first and foremos say, it's a concert?

As defined by Wikipedia,a concert is a musical performance in which loose compositions are performed. That is, several musicians, usually one or more solo instruments, and an orchestra meet to perform a previously performed musical composition.

The musical composition can be varied or of the same musical genre, depending on the type of concert and band or group that performs the presentation.

If you want to know how to sound a concert and mix a concert correctly, you should also know that you should always have professional teams. If you can’t afford to buy them,
you can also rent sound
equipment to event sound companies.

What are the top 3 sound equipment for concerts?

In addition to being clear about the band’s Technical Rider

and all their on-stage needs, as we have said before, of the many equipment and materials neededto perform a successfulconcert, let’s describe below the top 3 sound equipment for concerts of all kinds of formats: small and large. Concerts at home, in a theater, in dance halls or open spaces.

1. The appropriate Microphones:

Without a doubt, it is one of the main   elements to sound all kinds of concerts.

Through the different   types of microphones

  you can capture the sound of each of the musical instruments present on the stage. 

It is important that the microphones used to capture the sound of the instruments are the right one for each instrument, since all microphones are not the same.

If the microphone is suitable for the instrument and the microphone quality is good,less will be the sound settings to be made on the mixing table.

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2. The digital mixer:

The mixer is that huge table with that bunch of “botoncitos” that we see that control the different technicians and sound engineers.

And of course, the mixing table is one of the main sound equipment for concerts.

From the mixer, both the adjustment and calibration of the main sound system of the concert (PA) are performed, as well as the equalization and audio settings necessary for each musical instrument of the band being presented.

In the old world, analog tables were used that among the most professional ones could only be equalized and sent to monitors.

Today with digital tables there is a great possibility of much more sophisticated settings, such as: Apply, sound effects, compressors,noise gates, make recordings on a USB and save the settings of each grouping.

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3. Powerful and quality speakers:

Types of speakers for concerts

Undoubtedly from the beginning of the musical presentations, the speakers have been one of the most important elements at the time of any presentation.

Thanks to the speakers, the sound capture performed by the microphones and the audio settings made on the mixing table, the sound can be heard by the present.

It should be noted that in order to have a successful concert, one of the main aspects of sound equipment must be   taken into account:

  working with quality speakers.

There   are different types of speakers for concerts,

  it is best to contact the sound rental   experts.   I’m sure they’ll be able to advise you according to the technical needs of your event. 

Best brands of sound equipment for concerts

Whether when buying or renting sound equipment, you should consider working with the best brands in sound equipment.

As for microphones forconcerts, the most recognized and most used main brands that we can recommend: Shure, Sennheisser, DPA, Beyerdyinamic and Rode.

Secondly, at mixing tables: Dimegic, Allen & Heath, Midas, Yahama and Soundcraft.

Last but not least, among the most recognized brands of professional speakers are the following: RCF Audio, Yamaha, JLB, D&B, Meyer Sound and Nexo.

Most wanted sound equipment for concerts

It is no secret to anyone that good parties and presentations are held with the best professional sound equipment, because, they provide excellent sound quality, so we share with you some of the most sought after speakers for concerts.

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